Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mind is One & Can it be Mended?

Without the assistance or guidance of one's mind no improvement is ever possible. No physical fitness or beauty can offer one, the desired life in any country, if one's mind is crippled & incapable to compete with the fellow beings. 

Mind gives the fame, money or power to every human personality. Physical illness may not stop one's growth in materialistic world. But, the illness in mind causes one, the ultimate blockage in his/her step by step developments. 

When a man/woman have been affected psychologically for some reason known or unknown it is, his/her total efficiency is suddenly/gradually lost, where his/her ability to concentrate & execute a plan fails miserably. Thereby he/she loses control over the life and its destiny.

Good news is, one can regain his/her paradise lost & get back the dynamic young mind once again. 

Psychology is an ocean of vastness and to sail in it, the pilot needs a lot of courage & experience in voyage. The voyage from known to unknown, the tangible to intangible & from words to wordless world of intuition and feelings. 

With the help & guidance of a genius psychologists or a master of practicality one can become normal again and even go high in the sky, than ever in the past graph sheet !! 

(This write-up also would be meaningful only for those who have attained "that height" in the past in his education/career and fallen down suddenly/gradually to reach a minus level in the present)


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"My Brain Is My Enemy": Suicidal Note

A News TV channel Anchor in Hyderabad, Radhika Reddy, 36, jumps off her 5th floor apartment & leaving a suicide note, police said.

"My Brain Is My Enemy," Wrote Hyderabad TV Anchor, and that suicide note found by police in Radhika Reddy's bag which said that she was depressed.

She lived with her 14-year-old son since her divorce six months ago and living in
the 5th floor of her apartment building in the Moosapet area Hyderabad.

A case has been filed and an investigation is on now.
What's our roll to stop such suicides?

These kind of suicidal tendencies are steadily rising in our modern era due to several changing life-style & increasing work pressure in various working segments in the global village.

We people and leaders generally give more importance to our physical health than the normal mental health. Physical ailments are at least visible notable and treatable, whereas the psychical trauma is never visible to any other person than the affected one only.

One can live with his/her physical pain for any number of years but not so with the psychological depression or the stressful mind beyond a threshold.

So, the friends, relatives & colleagues only should take care of each other when someone seems depressed or not able to laugh for a significant period. Do talk to the people who are in need and just kindle them to share their perturing issues & allow them to unburden their inner pain, though not you have any solution for that.

Even if, your presence can make him/her comfortable to vent out him/her dumped feeling out, you are just won in saving a soul. Never be hurry to avoid saying an Hello to your fellow beings ever.

Be loving and little compassionate towards your daily meeting people at least. Thereby, do realise that you could have saved an efficient woman anchor like Radhika Reddy from such untimely demise that may question your very consciousness till your last breath.

Our physical portal stand in the strength of our Inner Mind Only. So, free your brain from all kinds of cluttered thoughts and irrational fear about the imaginary future. Likewise, you please do unto others too, to bring out their “brain-slavery” imposed from outside/within.

A normal "Hello" and a compassionate little listening can save many of your friends and acquaintances without even spending your one penny in the pocket.

Let us try to stop such untimely departures.

Lot of Blessings

Senior Psychologist & Therapist,
Chennai, South India.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

இதுதான் "திராவிடம்"

திராவிட மெதுவென
திரிபுகள் செய்வதேன்?

தீரா நோயெனும்
ஆரிய வேற்றவர்

கெடுமதி சூழ்ச்சியை
உடைத்தெறி படைக்கலன்

கூரறி வாளர்கள்
கூடிய கழகமும்

தமிழுணர் ஆர்வலர்
தாங்கிய குழுமமும்

உள்ளமே திராவிடம்!

பகைவன் பயப்படும்
சொல்நம் ஆயுதம்!

ஆரியம் அஞ்சிடும்
ஆட்கள்நம் தலைவராம்!

குறுகிய வாத்தென
குருட்டு வாதமும்

விழைபடு பொருள்தரு
பீழைப் பிறவியர்

தரைவழி அளவினால்
வரைசெயும் பூமிப்

பரப்பினால் விளைவது
திராவிட மல்லடா!

அதுநரிகள் பேசிடும்
நயவஞ்சகம் அறி!

சூழ்ச்சியை சூழ்ச்சியால்
சூழ்வதே வாழ்வியல்!

எதுதான் திராவிடம்
என்றுனைக் கேட்டால்

அடிப்படைத் தகர்த்தே

உழைக்கும் மக்களின்
உரிமை உணர்த்தும்

அரிய கருப்பொருள்
"திராவிடம்" என்றறை!

ஆரிய எதிர்நிலை
"திராவிடர்" எழுகவே!

-யோஜென் பால்கி 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines Day & My Thoughts:

Love is good & it was there right from its first day of evolution. And it is everywhere and will be in all the future too.
But, making a particular day for emphasizing as Valentines Day that is the day meant for exchanging one's love towards other seems utterly ridiculous & meaningless.

The trading communities of the world or the corporate sellers started propogating all 365 days into this day that day mother's day, father's day, friendship day, women's day etc to promote various commercial activities only to grab money from people.

Imagine this Valentines Day, inducing a compulsory purchase of gift articles to one's beloved at any cost that represents his/her level of love which is happening throughout this globe. And you can assume the magnificent sales and abundant income to the corporate riches.

Eventually these are all the tactics to improve their sales in exponential ways.
Not only in visible article sales, even in the service sectors, mobile/cyber world how much calls/data/travels the lovers spent might show a huge sales for the welfare of corporate gains.

Leaving behind such inducted pseudo days into our minds, the concept itself seems degrading our natural human behaviour. Yes. If a boy cannot present a gift on a particular day to his lover/mother/father/friend, his love told as an unfit one, considered lacking.

Here, the commercial society unconsciously injecting the poison in to everyone & prepares a wide sales base there upon.

Not only that, here, the not-loving students in a school/college/working place are forced to dump into a guilty conscious as to they are incapable to love anyone in the world and are unconsciously stamped as unfit people in front of the so called Valentines Lovers !!

The reality is otherwise. Love may come/may not come at any time & can express/not by various means to one. The commercial corporates, cannot impose a particular day for that ever.
Nature, makes different flowers to bloom in different times with innumerable colours and fragrances, but never at once.

Same truth applies here as to, no special day can be summoned over here for the sake of expressing one's love towards other. Nations can remember a particular day. But, individual flowers cannot be forced to open its petals on a particular induced-day, to celebrate as one mass.

So, why do you demean your Eternal love by giving gift or expressing it, on a limited and particular "Inducted-Days"?
Fine. It's just a thought to express my opinion.

Now, it's upto you to ponder over and to know the futility of celebrating the commercially imposed "individual special days" into our orbits.

Senior Psychologist & Therapist 
South India

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Children Love their Parents more than they Do!!


Do You parents know one thing?

The most fallacious truth is that always the parents love their children "more than" the children do!!

Yes! All the books and scriptures go on engraving/painting the so called pseudo image. It's not so in my long years of association in child psychology and their dynamism of their inner subconscious mind.

Usually, children only love their parents unconditionally in whatever the adverse situations in life. Unlike children, parents only put forth the conditions upon conditions to show love and shower material comforts to their children.

Parents do bargain, good scores in studies, strict code of conducts, military kind of time management etc for giving them food, cloth and shelter plus the man made education system & modern gadgets. Just a barter system!!

Though the parenthood of the whole world can console that they do so only for the welfare of the children, I still raise my voice as to why do you over pressure the little flowers for your foolish materialistic rules and intellectual idiosity of the world. Can't you see its futility, failures and void in making a sensible children out of such commercialism?

Just understand the prime fact that you are the first lover and caretaker of your child. All other external attributes from society to your child, are secondary and irrelevant one.

I am telling you really, if you started loving your child unconditionally just for the sake of being your child, the puzzle will be solved and there will be no need to take him/her to any psychiatrist in the world at any time at all.

Oh my friend! All that I positively say here is contained in my own experience. If you are in my position to feel the love of all children unto their parents, you will be surprised and will be feeling guilty for your life time, I bet you. Compare to the love of any child in the world our parental love seems very mean and mediocre by all standards Sir!

By the by, one need not be a vigilant watch dog to assess constantly the growth of a 'plant-root' spreading on beneath the earth, that suspiciously! But, as a responsible gardener, one has to ensure those five natural elements, including watering and shall then stay away to invite sun shine on the little flower-pot!

That's it. Now, God takes care of, more than our humanly shortsighted possibilities!

Senior Psychologist,
& Therapist
Chennai, South India.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Child Psychology & New Year 2018 Resolution for Parents!

💚 💛 💚 💛 💚 💛 💚 💛 💚 💛 💜 💚 💛

The Children are the Gifts sent from heaven! 
An humble parenthood just start from mere Love only and not ever from intellect. 

Many of us are unaware that our children carries the same genetic link from billions of years from the origin of the first human species, less your difference of age. That's it. 

A train by 30 min earlier doesn't carry all intelligents than the preceding train. Please be generous kind and be loving your child, than imposing all principles and philosophies. 

Stop teaching and over burdening them. A flower blooms by itself even in the jungle with all its glory. Never think you only can be a good gardener. Too much concentration and constant nagging may distort the mind of your child! 

After all a parent should shower love, not the intellect 24 hours like a teacher does in the class room!

Senior Psychologist & Therapist

Monday, November 6, 2017

"கடவுளைக்" கொணராதீர்கள்!

தமிழர் ஒற்றுமைக்கு நடுவில் இந்தக் "கடவுளைக்" கொணராதீர்கள்!

பல்லாயிரம் ஆண்டுகள் தொன்மமுடைய கற்கோவில்கள் தமிழர் வாழ்வியல்; அதை இடித்துவிட்டால் நமக்கு என்ன மிஞ்சும்?

தம்பி கோவிலுக்கு போகட்டும்;
அண்ணன் கடவுளை மறுக்கட்டும்!
அதைத்தாண்டி நிலவும் அன்பை "மின்மினியறிவு வார்த்தைகளால்", இருவருமே உடைத்துவிடாதீர்கள்!

இது காலமற்ற காலம்; எண்ணறு புத்தர்கள் வழிகடந்து போயினர்!!

பொதுப் பகைவன் மீது கண்வைத்து 
தமிழ்ச்சமூகம் காத்தல் கடன்!

This is an ever expanding, beginningless and endless universe having timeless time of eternity!

Here, speaking for or against God is like a short living firefly arguing about our planet Earth & its thousands of attributes !!

Never do that mistake labeling as a theist or atheist, that is an utter foolishness! You can live in to either side of the shore without negating any, from time to time of your short span. Yet, criticize not the other one ever Sir!

-யோஜென் பால்கி